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Hi Guys / Gals...

I pulled the battery out of my 2004 Kia Magentis, it's a four-cylinder 2.4L. I also replaced the spark-plugs from the factory originals to to four NGK G-Power...

In the process of removing a slave cable I discovered the connector was seized to the tip of the spark-plug and had to tear it out, destroying the cable. After a week of waiting my new cables came in and I happily put everything back together.

However, now that everything is assembled it's idling weird. I'm not sure if it's missing, or if something else is the problem. It definitely seems to have unburned gas in the exhaust. I removed all of the plugs to check them and they show signs of having fired, but I really can't tell if they're firing consistently due to the noise. Shakes like I'm in a big diesel.

Any help?
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