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Ive had a 2004 Kia rio now for about 3-4 months and have noticed that I get better fuel economy when I fill up at 1/2 or 3/4 full, as opposed to 1/4 full or less. When I fil up with at least 1/2
Tank remaining, the mileage I had used since the previous fill up is about 12-13 km per litre. If I wait till its 1/4 or near empty, then The mileage calculated since previous fill up is 11-11.5 km per litre. What I do is every time I fill up, I reset the trip, fill up to full - then at next fill up, I take the distance on the trip divided by the litres I needed to get back to full.

So is this common? My suv doesn't seem to change regardless of when I fill up. I'm obviously going to fill up at 1/2 for that extra km per litre. I just want to know if I'm mIssing something in my calculations or not taking something else into acct. thanks for any comments
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