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The Power Steering Pump in our 2003 Sedona 3.5 L with 67,000 miles is bad. It looks as though the bearing went out. We have removed the pump and purchased a reman pump. It does not come with the pulley and the one from the old pump appears to free spin on the shaft - the pulley appears to be worn from the shaft spinning freely within it.

It seems that the pulley is not purchased easily. Does anyone know if the pulley is sold seperate from the pump at the dealer? How does the pulley get affixed to the shaft? It seems that the spline shaft that comes on the pump should be afixed to a pulley with the same spline, but OEM pulley from the original pump seems to be compression.

Suggestions on how the pulley should be affixed to the shaft or what to do?

Appreciate the help.
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