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2003 KIA Sedona 3.6
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I have a 2003 Sedona v-6 California model since it was new.
Over time, I have replaced a couple batteries and one alternator. Recently I discovered that the alternator doesn't put out at times. Most typically on a warm restart, but does "energize" and start charging with a quick rev of the motor. At times it will stop/start charging while driving. (I know this because I recently bought a cig lighter plug in volt meter - very cool diagnostic tool!).

I have been limping along with it as is for a year now, knowing I could rev it up when it stopped charging. I have suspected 3 things: 1: A bad alternator again (with same symptoms of first one(?) 2: A bad wire somewhere 3: A bad computer (this model uses the computer to control the charging.

To make matters worse, 2 days ago the car started charging up to 19 volts at times!! It blew out all the headlight bulbs and I have stopped using the car so I don't blow anthing else out.

To complicate matters, for some reason, my 2003 model (build date 8-02) has an alternator shown by an aftermarket service manual as that of a 2004 model. The 2003 shown as a 3 wire alternator, but mine has a 4-wire plug plus the main charge output wire ("B" plug).

So yesterday I dug into it and checked the wiring for loose fits, breaks, corrosion. All checked out good. Alternator to battery ground zero ohms.

I'm down to considering 2 possibilities. Bad alternator (again) or bad computer.

My question: Has anybody had a bad computer for charging issues??

Thanks, Joe

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With it putting out 19v the alternator should be replaced. The voltage regulator is internal. I have seen many posts on problems with second/third alternators being sold as re-manufactured/rebuilt from the large auto parts outlets (Advanced/Autozone). They are in competition with each other and have been buying these rebuilt ones from MEXICO.. The original problem with the alternator are usually "fixed" BUT the normal items that would be replaced in a TRUE re-manufacture are not (like bearings/turning armature/replacing brushes/Diode block/and regulator boards). The cases are "cleaned"and some paint is applied... and like magic they are NEW once again...If there was an intermittent secondary problem like you have the next victim gets it N/C..
Try looking for a local alternator/generator/starter rebuilder, buy from a US re-manufacturer, or buy a NEW replacement.
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