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2003 Kia Rio 1.6 4L Wagon FWD
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I bought a used 2003 kia rio wagon with power locks on all five doors, looking around I found the RKE module behind the glove box (kia part: 95420-FD000). Searching the web I found that this might have been a oem dealer intaled rke system. Bought the remote from eBay (GOH-3BFM2497) and tried to take it to a locksmith but they told me in the phone that this is on board programmable. I'm aware this is the same key fob used in Ford Escorts, but unlike on Escorts it doesn't go into programming mode by turning the ignition key from of to run or from off to acc or with any of those procedures. And when I search the web, for example on "programyourremote,com" it clearly states that kia rio is not on board programmable and it have to be done by a locksmith. I should also point out that a "reset button" is also nowhere to be found unlike in kia Sorento. Any ideas? I would try to attach screenshots and photos.
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