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Hi all,

I've just sold my Kia Carnival and the buyer has just wrung me saying the car is running on.

Background is that the car had a brand new motor only 30K ago.

It was running perfectly before I sold it.

The buyer tell me he'd been on a long run, stopped the car, turned it off and hit ran on...

He tells me also that the car wouldn't start for 10mins after that even.

The first thing that pops into my head is a flooded motor. However... Don't know how this could happen with F/I motor.

Anyway Hoping some can help.

The car runs fine otherwise. It's never used oil and always ran well.



2001 Kia Carnival 2.5L manual & 2000 Carnival Auto
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Odd, a runaway revving engine can understand.
that would sound like valves sticking open.
Tis a wonder no piston damage....
can happen with cylinder head service of hydraulic lash adjusters etc...
And if vehicle sits in backyard for awhile...
if borescope spots anything, then lifting top of heads to access camshafts may
pop the valves okay. then run some tappit cleaning goop...

But if ignition turned off & keeps running - how ?
I'd be checking ignition and fuel pump circuits....
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