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2003 Kia Rio LX 1.3, 1995 Rover 214 SLi
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Hi, I have a 2003 UK model Kia Rio with the 1.3L engine in it, I have owned the car for a few years now and haven't really had to do anything to it other than general maintenance.

About a month ago I parked it up for 2 weeks while I was waiting on a set of Track Rod Ends turning up as it was starting to weave a bit.

After 2 weeks of sitting the parts arrived so I got in it, started the engine and backed it up onto the drive to do the work (it started fine) the next day I completed the work and went to take it for a test drive and it won't start.

The engine cranks and occasionally stumbles a bit, I did manage to get it to idle (although a little lumpy) for a few minutes then it died again. The battery is holding a good charge and the terminals are nice and clean.

I have checked the spark plugs which were looking a little weak, they were also chalky black so I changed them for a set of NGK plug's. They now give a good strong spark.

The fuel was a little low so I topped it up from a can with an extra 2-3 litres (will get a full gallon on the way home to put in it too).

The car has a full main dealer service history upto 82,000 miles (I was a little late last year) and it is currently on 89,000 so is nearing the next service interval. The kia will join my Rover this year for home servicing.

I connected the laptop up with an OBD2 lead, which showed no error codes.

Any ideas are much appreciated.

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