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I read some where in this forum about a fan clutch test, but unable to find it , again, so i will pose the question too all.

This what i wrote down to perform the test:
Engine off,engine cold;
clutch should spin freely

Engine off, engine hot
clutch hard to move or not at all

I perform both test, My results:
Early morning, engine off, engine cold
spun fan blade, didnt even go 360 degrees.

Drove all day, got home
engine off, engine hot
spun fan blade, same results spun about the same , hot it did move about the same as cold.

Not sure what spin freely mean, is that like spins 2, 3 times full circle,etc

is this a good test????????????

So i ask all, is the clutch defective??

this is a new dealer install, due to the recall on the fan blades cracked

2002 kia sportage

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Yes, that is the test, no mystery to it,


(Thanks to DavesSpectra for posting online)

Group12.PDF, look for "12-4",

re: "turn freely", it should turn with minimal resistance cold, it won't spin around freely multiple times..

With the vehicle at operating temp, if you rev the engine to 2,500 - 3,000 RPM and the fan clutch stays fully engaged, something's not right.

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