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The problem 1st appeared when the weather here in upstate NY turned frigid,the car would hestiate & wanted to stall(but didn't) We assumed a frozen gas line at first.Then the heat wasn't working well at all,the windows were staying frozen.
Yesterday we changed the themostat,now the temperature gauge is flucuating wildly,it goes from midline(normal0 all the way up to the hot line,dealer said theres air in the system,no check-engine light at all.
It is running fine during the high temp episodes,no backfiring or hesitating.
We had new plugs and a gas filter installed at the dealer in late was hesitating back then as well but the paper says it wasn't throwing any codes.
This isn't normal for my Sporty its always been a reliable little snow-beater,btw,its got about 83k on it.
Any suggestions?
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