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2002 Sportage Rear Brake Lines cracked

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Alright, I've got a 2002 Sportage that the rear driver brake line just cracked and I need to replace it. It starts at a connector above the Differential and then goes to the drum brake. Does anyone know what specific part number that line is or where I can find it?


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Done, I think I may have found the part but I can only find it on Kia's site and it'll take 2 weeks. Is that usual?
Obviously you have not done much brake line replacement work before. Most measure length and dia. of tubing and thread of line nut along with flare end type and then get a matching straight line from an auto parts store and make the needed bends themselves. If you took the needed line off and took it in to an Autozone store they can match up and (at least around me) if asked kindly and they are not real busy they will make the needed bends in the line for you.
You may want to investigate doing similar if you need that l9ine quickly.
Good Luck! :)
EDIT: Just to be sure are speaking of an all metal line and not one combined with rubber hose If it is the later, most auto parts stores usually have or can order in much quicker.
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Yep, just measure rather close and buy a line at the auto store. Be sure to bleed that entire section when you get it installed.
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Lot cheaper to make your own. Wouldn't hurt to invest in a tubing bender and a line flaring tool also. I invested long time ago and was worth it. I use a hydraulic flaring tool now days cause I can make different kind of flares with it. Some are inverted flares and some are bubble flares, on the same line.

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