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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"[/FONT]help sportage overheating extreme!! when i use the air conditioner my sportage will overheat and antifreeze comes out of the overflow:confused:
If it is only when the air is on, then I would suspect your auxillary fan is not kicking on. It is behind the grill, and in front of the radiator. Check to see if it is running with your air on.

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BE CAREFUL my friend...These engines WON'T take a lot of abuse (overheating) and WILL fail...

Head gaskets will fail and heads WILL warp if you continue to run it this way.

The MOST common failure is the clutch belt driven fan. The insides let go and the fan won't spin correctly. Adding the extra load of the AC being on and the two fans can't handle the load...

The good thing is you found THIS forum... There is a wealth of information just need to read the past and current threads.

There is a current thread about changing the power hungry fan from mechanical to an electric one.

Search "grasshopper" for the answers :)
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