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This is more of a story for others to learn from and maybe some advanced mechanics to chime in on more than looking for help. So i was backin out of the driveway two weeks ago and one of the rear wheels locked up for a second but when i went fwd again, it freed up and repeated this till i completed a 20 point turn to turn around. After some research i expected to find the brake shoes had seperated but once the drum was off, it was only a leaking wheel cylinder, the shoes looked fine so replaced the cylinder and has been fine, until lastnight.

I'm about to pull in my driveway and when i hit the brakes the brake pedal is resisting bk up towards the steering wheel in a jerkin motion and the brakes are failing 70% so i downshift and get in my driveway ok. I then go fwd and bkward to see wth is goin on, the brakes worked fine for a minute then got squishy so i just cut it off and went inside but i did look at the master cylinder to check fluid and it was 90% full. This morning, i looked again and the master cylinder was 90% empty.

I had put off doing the other wheel cylinder previosly cause money's been a little tight, so this mornin i pull the other drum off and omg, 1/2 the brakeshoes had seperated from the metal parts they are glued/rivited to and were floating in the bottom of the drum, as well as the brake adjuster had seperated and one 1/2 was rolling around freely.

So after some clean up, the little retainer clip that holds the emergency brake arm in place inside the drum was gone < guessing it broke> so that let the emerg. brake arm fall which allowed the adjuster to seperate which made everything terrible. So i managed to clean the female side of the adjuster back so the male side could slide in freely for adjustment and managed to save 75-90% of the threads on the adjuster, thank god i took a pic of the other side before i started the repair for reference as i'm pretty handy but i've never done drum brake work before.

So i put the new wheel cylinder on today and have to wait for the brake shoes to come in tomorrow mornin at 9am, im taking the emerg. brake arm with me to make sure i get the right 'clip' that broke and will start piecing this crap together in hopes the brakes will once again work as they should as this is my main form of transportation.

So if anyone has done what i'm doing and have any pointers for the 'reconstructing' of the brake assembly, feel free to offer advice/pointers. I made this thread as i've seen numerous people askin to see the brake assembly in tact in a picture and also to inform anyone removing the drums for the 1st time, there are 2 phillip head screws screwd to the brake drum and these screws are there for you to take out and put back in the smaller 2 threaded holes as the screws being inserted EVENLY to each side, they push the drum off of the brake assembly and make the drum removal much easier. Just make sure to remove them and replace them where they came from before replacing the drum. From the factory, they were left in the drivers side rear drum, and there are not 2 on the passenger side FYI.

Here's the pic and good luck for anyone looking for help and thanks for any giving advice/tips on my current dilema.


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