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I am the owner of a 2002 Sedona LX with 29,500 Km`s.
In 3 years I had the following problems, some have been solved but others are still not fixed.
First of all, the Hankhook tires have a very limited traction and with the 1st snow fall in Nov. 2002 my Sedona start skidding almost out of control, so I had to install 4 snow tires on 4 new wheels. :angry:
Rear Valve cover gasket replaced twice because of oil leaks. Warranty :(
Transmission boot axle gasket changed; oil leak. Warranty.
Front inside left tire wearing prematurely; wheel alignment at my own expenses. :innocent:
Right daylight bulb replaced. Goodwill Warranty 36 months
Right rear parking brake cable replaced. Not holding van properly. Warranty.
Accelerator cable replaced (recall)
Rear shocks leaking. Replaced 2 days ago. Warranty.
Transmission fluid changed.
Front rotor turned and soon the pads will need to be replaced because the plates holding them is getting loose; the rear brake needs to be cleaned and adjusted every 6 month at my own expenses because there is no automatic adjusters which I think is mandatory on all passenger vehicle
Like everybody I`ve got the front end strut noise and the dealer says it is O`K, I`ve been driving cars for 40 years and I know there`s is something wrong althought this is not a safety issue.
The alternator belt is squeeling, the belt is not damaged; dealer said it`s probably oil dropped on the belt or the pulleys, they`re doing the maintenance so they should replaced it free of charge.

The KIA maintenance schedule cost a leg and a arm.
Should I trade my Sedona before the warranty expired (April 2007) or should I buy shares in petroleum co. because the fuel consumption is awfull. :haha:
I still like to drive the van, but I`m affraid the trade-in value will get down rapidly as KIA does not back theirs products.

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I would agree with the tires. They are not very good. That said I lived with mine for the entire time I had my 02 Sedona.

As for all the other issues you are having all I can say is keep on the dealer. I actually had 0 issues with mine for the 41 months I owned it. (my lease was due to expire at 48 months so I traded it on an '05 Sorento.)

The only thing I had to do to it were oil changes and tire rotations every 12000 km. I did however rotate the spare into the mix so I had lots of tread left on them. I did find they were a little expensive on the service schedule so for things you need done take it else where. As long as it's done by an accredited service centre (Canadan Tire, Express Lube.....) it will be still covered under the terms of the warranty.

A couple of things though: I never had my brakes adjusted the entire time I owned it. I never had the pads or pads changed the entire time either. That said the life expectancy of pads and rotors depends of the driver. I know had I gone much longer I would have had to do both. I've been down this road with every car I've owned so it would have come as no surprise.

I know I've read alot about the front struts and I can honestly say I have had 0 issues with mine. Yes there were things I didn't like about mine like the quality of the paint and such but over all I was satisfied with the vehicle.

I just figured it had a 5 100 warranty and if any issues did arise it would be covered. If they are not doing what you feel they should take it to another dealership, call KIA and let them know.
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