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The Wife's Sedona front heater fan will only come on when you hit-SLAP under the dash on the passenger side.
I removed the access plastic cover that covers the blower motor and checked all connections and the resistor.
When you first start the vehicle or just turn the key to on, you have to reach under the dash on the passenger side and give it a slap. Then the fan works with no problem. All speeds and all settings.
I tested the switch, power connector to the blower motor and the resistor.
Same thing for all. Turn off van. Turn on Van. No blower motor running. Slap it and away it goes. I even had the resistor out and disconnected and was able to slap it to get it to turn on.
I tapped the motor and it did not start. I tapped the power connection to the blower and it did not go on. I tapped the resistor and it did not go on.
I slapped the underside about 6 to 8 inches to the left of the blower motor and it started up.
Any ideas what I can try next? I'm going slap happy!:|

Oh, both low beam head lights burned out. I slapped them both and now they work!:D
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