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To remove the Camshaft position sensor - First remove the camshaft cover (after all items above the cover have been removed first) then remove the cap (two bolts) on top of the sensor. After this remove the two bolts on the back side of the sensor and lift off of the head. After this - disconnect the sensor from the wiring harness on the back side of the head.
I had the same problem with my sportage, i.e., code no. P0343. However replacing the sensor did not solve the problem. In addition I check the procedure outlined on the shop manual and that did not seem to help.
According to the manual check the following when this code appears:
1) Ignition off, disconnect the CMP (Camshaft) sensor connector and the ECM connector C118-2 and ECM harness connector C211-44 (resistance 0 Ohms) Is the resistance within specifications? Yes (mine was - went to stp 2) go to step 2. No - Open between harness connector C118-2 and ECM connector C211-44.
2) Connect ECM connector, Ignition On, measure voltage between C118-2 and ECM connector C211-44. Is voltage Approx. 12 V? Yes (mine was 5.0 volts- is this OK?) Short to battery voltage between sensor connector C118-2 and C211-44. No- Go to stp 3.
3)Ignition off, measure resistance between connector C118-1 and Grd (0 Ohms.) (mine is .755 Ohms - is this oK?)
question - Whats wrong? Is my values for stp 2 and 3 OK? Also my knock sensor code (P0326) comes on - could this affect the CMP Sensor - already replaced the CMP sensor. Still getting this check engine code.
Any help appreciated.
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