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The car is a 2001 carnival LS 2.9 TD - the old model, it has the bolt in seats , not the easily removable rear seats. I need 2 rear tyres, the originals are 225/55 R16 99V and the garages are asking me are the tyres reinforced. I can see nothing on the tyres that says they are - can anyone help me please?

As an extra, can anyone recommend a good workshop manual for the car.

email - [email protected]

Regards in anticipation

Kevin Boddrell

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Hello Kevin,

You say orignal, what milage have you done, and what make are they.

If they are orignal spec' then all most anything will be better then what's fitted now.

Do you mean reinforced or grade?

My rear tyres have another 5/6,000 miles left in them then I shall change to Goodyear or reasonable priced brand.

Workshop manual, exactly what PC OS do you use?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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