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Thanks for all the information. I found the KGIS site but didn't see anywhere on how to test the coil packs.

Just a final question, I see where they say to add some silicone, etc., I am just wondering is there any reason not to just silicone the whole seal rather than just the corners? I just want to be sure I don't have to do this seal again. Thanks again in advance.
If the gasket is loose in the channel, consider thoroughly cleaning the gasket channel in the valve cover w/ carb cleaner and "Q-tips" to remove all traces of oil / dirt, lay a thin bead of RTV ultra-grey/black in the valve cover gasket channel, spread evenly to a thin layer, then install the valve cover gasket: the RTV in the upper gasket channel should seal any gaps/leaks..

Make sure -all- of the old gasket is out of the channel before putting in the bead of RTV sealer - use non-marring plastic tools to remove the old material, not metal.. Wipe the gasket mating surfaces on the head with some rags soaked with carb cleaner to remove any oil from the head and let dry before install.

All surfaces should be dry and oil-free before starting assembly.. Plan on spending an hour or more getting everything clean, and oil-free.

After installing the valve cover, install all bolts to loose, then working from the inner bolts -> outward towards the edges, tighten to firm hand-tight, let sit for 20-30 minutes to let the RTV setup a bit, then repeat the sequence to final torque.

Using a 1/4" ratchet drive with extension is recommended, so you don't over-tighten when doing the 2-step torque sequence..

Hope this helps.
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