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I bought a 2000 Kia Sephia LS Autoamatic from a Used Car dealer in ASIS Condition with no Warranty.

The Vehicle had 57K Miles and , I took it for a test drive and it was fine. I bought this car 10days back.

After driving for about 15 Miles, the O/D light came on immedietly followed by the Engine light. I took it to the Used Car dealer and he said , it was not a major problem and it may have come because of less Oil. He poured some Oil and disconnected the Battery and reset the Code.

The lights again came back after 10miles. This time I took it to the Kia Nw Car dealer for Oil Change. I also wanted to know about the warranty and other details about the car. The dealer initially told me that the vehicle may have 5yr/60K basic warranty and PowerTrain Warranty which may not be transferrable since I am not the first owner.

However he came back and said that I have 3yr/36K basic warranty which had expired and she confirmed that I have 5yr/60K PowerTrain Warranty. That meant I had 3k and 3 months left on My PowerTrain. They changed the Oil and told me I have to take an appointment for the O/D light and Engine Lite Problem.

Since I was worried , I took my car to Autozone as per my friends advice to diagonize the problem.
The diagonized it with there meter and come up with the below problem
1. P0717 Speed Sensor Problem
2. P0733 Gear 3 Ratio Incorrect
3. P1624 They did not the description and ask me to take it to the dealer
4. P0732 Gear 2 Ratio Incorect

I am not sure what to do now. The car seem to drive OK. I just bought this car 10days back taking a loan and now I am in a big fix

Please advice me what to do on the below

1. Please give your comments on the above problems diagonized
2. Will I be getting the 5yr/60K warranty??
3. If the transmission is having problem, will the dealer replace it and how much I will be charged

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AS-IS, is actually what it says as is means no warrinty!
as for the problems
as for the codes
1. speed sensor. is your speedo working? I think that is what htis sensor is.
2. gear ratio incorrect. im guessing the tranny doesnt know whats going on in gear 3 or shifting into or outta it at wrong times not sure though. might need sensor or tranny is on its way out. get checked by a compitent facility to diognose it correctly.
3. P1624 MIL Request Signal from TCM to ECM. again this is relating to P0733 and P0732. tranny problems. TCM transmition control modual. maybe replacing this will fix the other 2 tranny codes im assuming as this is the computer for the tranny. prolly why the gear ratios are wrong.
7. as said above!

I think if you replace the tcm 3 codes will be removed. as for the speed sensor replace it shouldnt cost much....... hope this helps.

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