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Originally posted by remipmc@Jan 8 2005, 02:56 PM
i have a 2000 kia sephia, afteri bought it the car started making a loud whining noise. thought it was the belts so i libed them. the noise continued, so i took it in. this shop wanted to charge me 700 bucks, they claimed the wiring harnes to the alternator was corroded and the alternator needed to be replaced. so i got a second opinion. i was told the alternator was making the noise but it was still working ok. but the wiring was bypassed by a "friend". so now the car starts whenit feels like it. i think the impromtu bypass is the problem. he connected the battery directly to the alternator, i was told this not good. any help? wiring diagrams?

as for a manual heres a link to an online on but will have to pay little for the use.
click here

In my opinion sounds like you will have to rewire it. but I dunno maybe the bearing in the pully to the alt might be gone. might need a new alt..

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