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I went down to the auto store the other day to purchase some front pads for my 2000 kia sephia, and was asked whether it had an ATE brake system or not.. I have been all over the internet trying to find a definition for this, and to find if my car is equipped with ATE. The closest i got to any answer was that it had to do with the brake caliper. I even went to the Kia website, to no avail. I'm stumped, and i gotta get these pads changed ASAP. Anybody got any ideas?

..also, regarding the calipers for my 2000 kia sephia: this is my first time changing the pads myself.. how do i undo the caliper to get it off the rotor? (i'm an amateur at this, so don't laugh.. :grin: )

Thanks ahead of time..
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