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This is some info if you go through this.
My car still ran but when i turned on the ac the belt that drives it would turn slow :confused:,turn the ac off it was fine ,next O D light keep blinking so i replaced the Speed sensor,also my odometer jumped around so i replace the VSS sensor and the air sensor. It started over heating ,also the steering was hard to turn which i first thought was the power steering pump which i replaced and that was not it.I started hearing noises like the water pump was going bad:eek: and thought the rack and pinion was going bad. I check the charging system it said 12.35 :confused: volt replace the battery and the alternator twice.

So what was the real problem to all this, well when i looked under the car to see what you had to do to replace the water pump that i thought was bad,i put my hand on the harmonic balancer and it moved..Well it turns out that that balancer is 2 pieces and when the center of it wears out it will spin fast in the center, while the outer that turns spins slower but to the eye it seems okay.
So while that happens and you get your alternator checked and its fine and you get checked for codes and you have codes listing all over, it is all because that balancer is slipping and you need a new one.Its just plastic between the two piece balancer.

If you try to start the car and you have to mess around and jiggle the key to start your car you need an ignition switch.:lol:
After the balancer change and you will know when its loose you can move it by hand everything is fine.
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