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1999 Kia Pride
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hey guys. I recently purchased my first car. I'm 22, so u know how that feels ^_^
However strange enough, i know more about aircrafts than i do about cars.

my car not only smokes like a dragon but it has rough idle...

i did some research on this and other forums and its recomended that i deal with the EGR-exaust gas recirculation. but when i pop my hood i see nothing that looks like a space-ship other than this thing ontop of my distributor. I was assured that its not the EGR, its some kinda pressure sensing bellos.

well long story short. i came where the pros are. here. i need yall help.
where's the EGR located in a 1999 kia pride?

I already change my spark plugs, so what else could be causing the rough idling?

thanks alot in advance fellas! ^_^
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