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1998, 4 door, stick, 4X4, 145,000 miles
Over heats at idle and slow speeds once warmed up.
will do it with the A/c on (overheats faster) or with out it on.
stays in the norm rage with heater on full blast or when driving at HWY speeds (A/C on or off)
Rad replaced apx 2 yr ago ( both rad and a/c rad are in good shape)
water pump replaced axp 3 yr ago (when timing belt slipped)
did a drain and flush, coolant looked bright greenish, flowed out of rad quickly. ( no leaks in system and head gasket is good(no water in the oil))
rad flush drained out quickly with no strange colors (clearish).
when filiing rad left it a little low and reved engine and could see water rushing by left to right as RPM went up.
changed out fan/fan clutch out of a 2000 sportage with 110,000 miles. both fans feel the same at cold and after running (spining wise by hand) (should it be hard to spin by hand after the enging has been ran and hot or should it spin freely??)
changed thermostat out, no help and removed thermostat(still over heats)
inside of rad from fill point looks good.
foam between rad and a/c rad is inplace and good.
temp guage does jump(up or down a bit) when tunning on fan and engauging the heat or a/c
still running hot with no thermostat installed and running water and water wetter at idle/slowspeeds

what you guys think???????

99 Kia Elan 1.8L
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Welcome to the forum.

It sounds like the typical fan coupling problem - it should be hard to turn with the engine hot.

Because of this, many replace it with an electric fan.
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