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98 sportage 2.0 4WD
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Hi guys

Finally the time has come to sell this car.

I am sad because this was my wife`s first car from new (1 owner). it has been well looked after, bar the 7 years we moved overseas, and it stood outside.

After 7 years we came back and I had it fixed and ran very well for another 6.

The car is not worth much, but I know the engine is!!! I used to race a turbo charged FE3 engine in my mazda when I was living in from South Africa (10:1 CR). This is the lower compression engine with a 9.2:1 CR. If you looking for an engine to turbo charge, this would be it with nothing to be done to it.

All I want for the whole car is $1000.

Whats wrong with the car? sun damage all over the body, needs a new clutch (sounds/feels like the release bearing is gone), brakes are worn.

The engine is in good condition. new tyres, new radiator.

i cant give this to the wreckers as it would be a waste.

Anyone interested, please give me a call. i`ll post pics later.

Alistair 044 884 5312
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