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I have 1998 kia sephia and the number 4 cilynder is misfiring.Looks like wiring harness is cracking and broken in several spots ,where can I purchase new harness auto advance and other auot parts stores dont carry this item.My ? is where can i purchase ths item.

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You have a 15yr old car and one that KIA did not support very well...
About the only place you will find that harness is possibly the KIA dealership..
My suggestion would be to find a good auto mechanic that also knows electrical wiring. Then have him repair the existing wiring. A harness from the bone yard from that year of car would probably be just as bad as yours.
If you watch the car restoration programs most of these older cars have custom made replacement harnesses...
The RIOs are known for this same problem of mis-firing and the problems usually are from bad connections between the harness and the spark plug coils.
Their plugs literally fell apart. We suggest here that the wires be soldered directly to the coils if you can't locate the replacement plug ends... If you have to work in this area again you can unsolder the wires to remove the part (coil).
Chances are that the car will go to its grave with a good solder job still in tact.
The plastic used to insulate the wires in the harnesses gets hard and brittle from the heat and the weather and falls off allowing the adjacent wires to short together. Our 1996 Mercury Mystique had problems with the upper wiring harness (on top of the engine) and I ended up disconnecting the battery and slicing open the harnesses and replacing the damaged wires and then re-taped the harness...
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