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What offset is needed to clear on the back side (between the strut and wheel) if you run 15x7 wheels with a 205/50/15 on a 98 sophia? Will plus 38mm offset do the trick?? how far out can it be? I want to help my co work get as low of a offset as possible but a lot of the more inexpensive (aka cheap) wheels are around +38mm offset in a 15x7.
I am helping him to build his car so that it will handle like a beast at an autocross event but ride correctly while driving down the road. In other words no bouncing around on cut springs and stock struts. So coilovers will most likely be going on the car (if he can spend that kind of money) unless I can find a AGX strut or some other adjustable strut to run with some ground control adjustable coil springs. So the clearance issue is going to range while the car gets suspension later down the road.
Also, correct me if I am wrong but the Sephia runs a 4x100mm bolt pattern correct?? This opens up a huge door for wheel selection since that is what most hondas run also.
And I have already begun checking this site out for parts.
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I honestly dont know the offset. They are 17x7.5 I believe. I bought them from a friend a frew years back. They fit perfect though. He works at a wheel shop so it was right..
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