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My 97 sportage nearly run out of fuel. It was surging and so forth but I got to the garage and filled up. Ever since it has had a poor idle and stumbles some times when driving. The idle is so bad that it will stall when you come to a stop.

My CEL is on. ONLY GOES OFF WHEN ENGINE BRAKING FOR 50m or so down a hill.
OH and also, on startup when cold runs fine for approx 1 minute, it will rev, idle everything. So does that mean as soon as in closed loop its in trouble?.

It is so hard to get an error code read here in Australia, even my Kia dealer had no computer to plug in. Iv been to 5 garages. What has been done is the short out and flash light thing but as done by Kia mech but showed no stored only show the 3sec light then off.

Will list what I've done to try and fix in order:

Fuel pump, fuel filter, main/fuel relays, clean MAF(carefully), valve cover gasket, new TPS.

I'm at wits end, I am in regional Australia, with no one that can give me a code and I'm a bit sick of throwing parts at my ripper sporty.
Need some advice............I know it's so hard without code but I've tryed everything I can to get a code, it all but impossible here in Australia.


Matt :(
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