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1997 ECM diagnosis

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Hello, my daughter has fallen in love with 1G Sportage and we’ve picked one up that is showing dtcs: P0343, EVAP sensor, and both o2 sensors. Symptoms are running crappy with no power. Won’t hardly get out its own way. I’ve been going after the CPS first and when testing ECM pin 44 for voltage (should be zero) the meter shows 0.8mV. That’s not very much but still not zero. Not wanting to buy an unnecessary part I want ask if my thinking is correct that the ECM is defective. All the other CPS harness checks are correct.

I haven’t done much with the other codes yet.
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MichealB: I feel for you, been there , done that.. I believe you have come to the right decision.

I am sure the rollover engine will have suffered no ill affects. My 99 rolled ~8yrs ago and I am still driving it 100Km+ since.

At 75, I seem to be slowing down, and I provide diagnostics at no charge. Pissed at so many people taken advantage of by mechanics that use guess work (quicker) instead of diagnostics and fact gathering ..
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