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:( Hi! I need help. I recently got a diagnosis for my '00 Sephia..... the car is stuttering after 5 minutes of being warmed up.. it's hitting on 3 cyclinders.. and idles rough after warming up. It happened immediately after a fill-up with 87 octane fuel....

The mechanics at Good Year said that either a fuel system cleaning would take care of it.. or there is a problem with the fuel injectors. I did the diagnosis for $130... fuel system cleaning and new fuel filter for about $175. I don't want to spend any more on this car... it's only worth about $1500 anyway, now. What i'm wondering is... could it be something ELSE besides this? Can I install a fuel injector in the #1 cylinder space.. from a junk yard for $20 or so? Is it easy to replace one injector? Is there anything online.... so I don't have to spend any more on a book? It only has 66,000 miles on it.

Please help!

Doug - [email protected]
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