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Timing Marks Are Good, #1 Cyl Not @ TDC

I have a 2001 Sephia that is not running right. I get a bunch of codes and I feel the timing is at issue. The car runs just OK when cold, but after a min or two it starts to sputter and jumble.

All the timing marks are lined up properly, the two cam marks are lined up with the two arrows on the valve cover and the bottom timing belt sprocket is lined up with the mark @ 12:00. The problem is that the #1 cylinder (1st on passenger side) is not at TDC. I can see the cams being out, but how can the crank be out?

The red arrow shows where the TDC arrow is, the orange arrow shows where the timing mark is. The ring on the sprocket with the timing mark is (green arrow) is this removable? Maybe someone took off the sprocket and didn't put it on right so the bottom is actually off.

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Every other car I have timed, it is done with the #1 cylinder @TDC, this one is off by 2 teeth on top and 4 teeth on the bottom.

The key-way is on and not twisted. Why would the piton not be at TDC?

If this is normal, fine, but it doesn't make sense.

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