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2015 Kia Sorento LX AWD V-6, missing my 2008 Kia Sedona LX... long live the queen!
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'08 Kia Sedona van, 122k miles... love my kia :) Think I was one of the lucky ones who got a relatively problem-free one!

Besides the typical door issues which I've been able to fix myself by cleaning the latches regularly and oiling, no huge problems.

My passenger sliding door will NOT open. When you pull the handle to activate the power doors, you hear the engine trying to pull the door open. It can't and beeps. Turn off the power doors, pull the latch, the door will not open. Hell, I've pulled the handle while my husband tries to yank the door open to no avail. We were able to get the door open just once in the last week or so with a good yank, but now it seems permanently shut.

It's almost like the door is permanently locked shut. I'm confused though, as the power door WANTS to open, but it's just stuck- if the door was locked, wouldn't it beep to say it can't attempt to open it?

I just cleaned the latch about a week or two ago. Picture when your power door is stuck in the freezing weather and you need to give it that one awesome yank for it to open, putting your whole body into it. The door is acting just that way- like it's frozen shut. But it's July, 85 degrees, and no reason for it to do this.

Any thoughts? I don't mind tearing down the inside door panel, but I wanted to confer with some other owners before I get my handy-dandy tool kit out. I have 5 children, and one with a disability, and that's her door/seat- we need it to open! I'm scared of getting into an accident and the rescue crews not being able to get her out!

Thanks in advance,

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