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91 Pontiac Firebird Formula 1LE, 95 Pontiac Firebird, 07 Kia Sportage
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I just finished a timing belt, timing belt idler pulley, timing belt tensioner and water pump replacement on my 07 sportage lx, 2.0L I4, 5 speed, fwd.
I started the car and everything seems as it should. However, once the car warms up, right before the cooling fan kicks in, a wining noise starts coming from the water pump. Right before the cooling fan shuts off, the noise disappears and stays off until right before the cooling fan kicks on again.
It sounds to me as if the water pump shaft is rubbing slightly against the rubber seal inside the block when things get hot enough. I had the car idling for over an hour, with the cooling fan cycling several times. I used a long screw driver to pinpoint the source of the sound, and it is definitely coming from the water pump.
I checked the belt tensions and everything seems to be on the spot. No overheating or other problems, just this intermittent wining sound. Should this be a point for concern. I would hate to tear that water pump out again after all this work.
I installed and torqued down the water pump that came in the timing belt kit according to the specs on the kia global information system. Any recommendations / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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