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07 Spectra - Both signal lights and hazards flash quickly - Rear ground points?

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I currently have an issue where both signal lights, and hazard lights blink faster than they should - and I believe they blink slower in warmer weather (20C) and much faster as it gets colder (0-5C). The car is normally stored in an unheated garage but when I let it sit in the sun on a warm afternoon the blinkers slow down compared to the morning.

I've spent a couple of days checking bulbs and ground points. I did find a rear 921 mini bulb on the drivers side in the red brake shell was broken. I replaced but the issue remains.

I cleaned several ground points in the engine area (left/right fender, 2 points beneath battery tray, fuse box area, battery connections themselves, and a point near the hood hinge on passenger side), and the two points inside near the drivers side firewall. I have also tried a separate car battery but no change on the issue.

Are there additional ground points at the rear of the vehicle? If so, where would I find them?

I'm hopeful it's not a BCM issue, as that type of repair seems a bit overwhelming to me. However, I was able to get the part number for mine 91950-2F830.

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I should add, I also confirmed continuity from the signal light grounds to fender ground points in the front (1 ohm), and from the trunk there is continuity between both ground contacts inside the signal sockets (I believe this was 4 ohms).

I also bent the pins in the sockets to make better contact with the bulbs while I was at it. Finally, I checked the center rear brake light above the rear passenger seats and cleaned the contacts there to rule that possibility out as well.
The grounds should not be more that a fraction of an OHM when heasure from the harness to the frame/body.

You have a very high restance ground..
Thanks for reviewing my post and for the suggestion. I went out to retest and it was 5.6 ohms today (after retesting the rear lights this morning and replacing the 921).

I noticed an improvement after I wiggled/pushed in the ground wire on the passenger side 8-pin connector that powers those set of lights and sure enough I get 0 ohms testing between the two rear signal grounds now. Hazards feel "normal" at the moment (20C).

Thanks again for replying. I will monitor and provide a final update but fingers crossed this was the issue. I want to confirm when the temps drop close to 0C again.
It has been just under 3 hours of sitting in the garage out of the sun but unfortunately the signals/hazards are beginning to speed up again. I will test with my multimeter some more tomorrow.

If there are ground points at the rear of the vehicle I would like to clean them. However, I need some pointers on where to look.

Sorry for the long delay. I took another stab at sorting this out and managed to find a replacement fuse box/BCM from a salvage yard. Sure enough, that appears to have fixed the issues I was experiencing in this post.

Thank you for the other topics/discussions on this forum (especially @DavesSpectra detailed posts) from previous years.

After confirming the grounds were good, I took a break from diagnosing the problem. More recently I noticed a new battery was draining quickly on the car and after testing with an amp meter I saw a discharge when the car was off at 510 mA. This excess power draw was linked to the room fuse similar to this old thread and the salvaged BCM does not reproduce this behavior.
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