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Hi everyone,

Just cleared 100k miles on my '07 Sorento (Gas 3.8L V6), so it's time to put some new spark plugs in. Any tips from someone that has done this before? In particular:

1.) What needs to be taken off to get to the plugs (mainly on the passenger side).

2.) Torque specification for the new plugs (I believe the gap is 0.038, but I haven't found torque specifications in any of the owner/shop material).

3.) Platinum v. Iridium? Which should I choose assuming I'll change them again at 200k miles?

4.) Any other tips/warnings I should be aware of? I've done spark plugs on my old 4 cylinder Mazda back in the day which was nice and straightforward since the access to the plugs was so easy.

I'm going to take some pictures as I do it so I remember how to get everything back together, so maybe I'll put together a post with the pictures to show each step (probably trivial for plugs but if there was one already available I probably wouldn't be posting :) )

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