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I replaced the OEM alternator on my wifes 2007 Optima with a replacement from Autozone. The oem alternator was charging fine, but the bearings were squealing. The first replacement alternator I received would not charge, so I returned it and it tested bad. The next alternator finally came in, but it also will not charge. She has been out a car over a week now because no one stocks an alternator. It's becoming very frustrating not only lining up transportation, but spending all my free time attempting to trouble shoot this thing.

I did notice that the alternator on the vehicle has 3 pins and the the pigtail on the harness has as spot for 3 wires, but only 2 slots are used. Is it possible the 3rd pin needs 12v for the alternator to charge?

Is it possible I got two bad units? Is there anything I could be overlooking?

Again, everything worked fine prior to installing the autozone alternator.

Thanks everyone.
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