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Hey all,

my first post and I come looking for help.

I just bought a 2007 Magentis and all seems great (I'm very happy with the car), but the heating/ventilation system is acting strange...or maybe this is normal behaviour and I'm just not very educated on the vehicle yet.

Anyway, the "fresh air" position seems to be the setting that the car favours, as it seems to be automatically selected with most modes I turn the knob to. The thing is, today when I started the car, the knob was set to the "off" mode (fresh air position lit up), so you can imagine my surprise when the sound of the heater, rather loudly, came on. I played with the modes, switching to "face", "face-floor" position etc., which diminished the strong sound of the heater and seemed to be regulated.

As I'm driving, I set the knob to "face-floor" position, set the temp to warm (it's chilly here in Toronto), and move the fan speed to my desired position (I can hear the power increase as I change the speed, which is normal), but suddenly, the strength of the heater seems to diminish, judging only by the sound, and as this happened, the heat that was directed at my face became very weak and almost non-existent. The sound seemed to be alternating from strong to weak; at times it would be loud and then it would quickly quiet down a bit, (up and down, if you will).

Anyone experience this? I was reading about the "defogging logic", but I'm not sure this has anything to do with what I'm experiencing. Would the heater still be coming on at a seemingly loud strength even if the knob is set to "OFF" at the moment of starting the vehicle? I'm guessing it may have something to do with automatically defrosting the windows as soon as i turn on the car. Or am I looking at something else here?

Thank you and I apologize for the long post. Not really sure how to describe it, but any answers would be appreciated. :)
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