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2007 Kia Spectra
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A few months back in my infinite wisdom got the battery cables backwards. I blew a few fuses under the hood. When I finally got the under the dash fuses replaced and the fusable links under the hood to replaced I have the following issues.

Windows do not work, the 20 amp A/C fuse blows when key is turned on. When the headlights are turned on, the dash lights go out. The heater does not work either.
I did get the windows to roll up and down by disassembling the relay and taping it so the contacts are closed, now windows will work.

As I mentioned we replaced all the fuses we can find blown, and even changed the entire fuse box under the dash. My father who works on cars for as long as I can remember thinks it may be a burnt wire somewhere in the car. It is getting very cold in my area and I need a heater and a defrost very badly.

Any help from the group will be greatly appreciated.:confused:
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