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So this is a post about my mother's '07 I4 LX again. Slowly working out all the bugs of this thing. :) Started with an inaccurate fuel gauge which took some back and forth until both us and the dealer found out that this thing has 'two' sending units in the tank. Replaced and got an accurate gauge back. Second was a sticking right rear caliper which wreaked havoc when trying to run highway speeds. Pads needed replaced anyways and dealer suggested doing the rear two first. Did that and the sticking is gone and power/gas mileage has greatly improved.

Lately though we have arrived at another what I would call 'annoyance' at best that seemed to be exacerbated or better brought to the surface by the major snow storm we had here Christmas week in Ohio. First is it seems when the car has sat for overnight, the inside of the windshield fogs over. Not much I could find online but I do distinctly recall a dirty cabin air filter could be attributed to it? It is dirty so one is on the way as I write this.

Secondly is the vent modes seem to be stuck in a very narrow selection of mostly floor/face and no defrost at all. Even with it all the way in defrost only and blower cranked to max, the defrost vents have barely any airflow while the face and floor vents get more of it. It does change 'some' between dial changes but not where it should be. I have read some on the HVAC vent controls in general and today managed to get a look under the dash from the driver side and spotted the vent control motor and the linkages behind it. The motor itself and the primary odd-shaped plastic linkage attached seem to be doing their part. I did notice two secondary linkages attached to that which I assume are directly the door arms. From the view of the drivers footwell, the linkage on the right moved with mode change while the one on the top did not. I do not know if they would have any give influenced by hand, but I did try playing with that top one and it felt like it would not budge.

Hopefully I am on the right track. This is as far as I have gotten on diagnosis and just curious if anyone else might have any insight? I'm always up for a little DIY if it saves a bunch of $$$, just as long as it doesn't require tearing the entire dash apart. ;)
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