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2006 Kia Sportage EX 4wd
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I am building an 06 2.7 Sportage for an overland rig. I put 40mm spacers above the struts but still need 1-2" of space. I was thinking that maybe if I can find heavier springs that would do it. I need to replace the struts anyways. Does anyone have any suggestions on springs, struts, or any other way to lift it? So far the only way I can think of is through finding a strut or spring from another vehicle. I can't seem to find any spacer to go in the strut. Maybe I could weld in a spacer? I'm not trying to put massive tires or anything on it. I need more clearance mostly for approach angles.

One option that popped into mind that would be fun but take a bit of engineering is converting the front to like Wrangler or Expedition coilovers. I could make mounts to go on the knuckle and on the top where the OEM struts bolt to convert it. The hardest part would be redoing the sway bar links.

So questions:
Does anyone make a spring spacer that fits and works well?
Are there any heavier strut springs from other vehicles that will work to lift it?
What's the best strut to run for bouncing down trails?(So far I'm leaning KYB)
Has anyone ever converted their suspension?
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