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This has been going on for about two years or more now. I've taken it to 5-6 different mechanics in two different states, and no one can seem to pinpoint the problem. It's driving me crazy, and getting progressively worse (especially in the colder winter months).

Whenever my car tries to take off from a stop, it will stutter as if it doesn't want to get going... and if I'm going uphill the problem is significantly worse... And recently, in addition to that problem, if my car goes under a quarter or so tank of gas, it will completely stall out instead of just stuttering. The problem is also worse when I'm running the heat or air (so much so that I've trained myself to shut off the heat/air when I'm taking off from a red light, etc.) lol.

It went from being a huge annoyance to being a real problem.

:confused: I've had several people search forums and such over time, and we haven't come back with anything concrete. I've had several 'could be' issues mentioned, but no one can seem to pin point exactly what's causing this.

I'd certainly love and appreciate any info any could give me - thanks! :)
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