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06 Sorrento :-Pressure plate burn failure

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Less the three months ago had the entire clutch replace. The other morning it started slipping on the freeway and could just get it up to 60. Then within 2 miles started smell something burning and immediately pull onto the freeway edge and heard a loud noice come from under the car. Had it towed to the shop that installed the clutch that I choose because of NAPA warranty of a one year. The repair shop said it had to driver error, been driving a clutch for 45 years never and force it and never downshift aggressively. What are the reason this might happen to argue my case with the installation mechanic.
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If you're confident that its not driving habits that lead to the premature failure, then it suggests an installation, quality of the parts, or oil leakage issue - got to hope that the service shop is honest and will give you the real cause once they disassemble and inspect.

BTW, driving it when the clutch is slipping can result in much more damage, such as the flywheel heat stress cracks for which the only option is replacement.
You're about 17 years off in this forum, but great work @ron1004 for the answer.
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Do you have a dual-mass flywheel on the 06 and was it replaced?
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