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06 kia spectra5 blowing fuses

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I was reading on here and alot of people have had the same problem as me. My daughters 06 spectra5 keeps blowing the right tail light fuse. Only thing I've done recently is replaced headlight assembly with 2 new ones. I've checked everything else I could check. Don't know where to go from here. Please any help would be great
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Does the fuse blow immediatly you turn on the lights or is it intermitent ?
It's immediate
That would be a dead short..

Connect a light bulb across the fuse (instead of the fuse). The light should glow, now disconnect the lights one at a time, and trace the wire loom until the light goes out (you have found the fault).
I was working on this again and found our that the dash lights not working and right front window nor working. The 25a fuse was blown for window and replaced but still not working. Right tail light and dash lights still not working. Any ideas?
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