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Hi. I'm a Rio owner here in the great white north. If you have any questions or want to trade tech-notes on Kia related issues specific to cold weather and or performance related regardless of external weather conditions give me a holler. I'm a hobbiest myself but have close ties to several import tuner shops / race clubs and do alot of the CAD'ing and computer mocks for them/ (Trade off for assistance under the hood and access to everything from Dyno to suppliers.)

I picked up the Rio new off the lot about a year and a half ago now I guess. This car was supposed to be my girlfriends but I gave her away and kept the Rio instead. :p
I wish actually she left me and the
I hated the Rio until I started to play with it. It was a gutless buggy wonder.

Rio'05 (Pewter / Gray)
4 Door (Manual Lock)
Mod'ed ECU / Adjusted Gear Ratio / Removed Top Speed Gov. Rough ~ 4 - 5 HP Gain and common hesitation now gone
Custom Fab Exhaust tiped.
Sports Springs / Shocks /Struts /dropped about 2 inches / All bearings changed / Rear Sway installed /
Body Mods - Lip Kit / Ricer Fan on back a.k.a. Spoiler / Vinyl / Carbo-Fi Hood.
Sports Roto & Calipers. Hi Dens Pads. Braided Stainless Brake Lines
Changed all sparks wires and dist. (Upgrd.)
Engine Mounts (rubber) replaced with nylon.
Custom Headers
Resecured Firewall loose points
Waiting on connection in South Korea to finish Super Charger.
Fab'd new cold air intake and scoop for ram air on just waiting to get dl and serious with engine.

Connection in SK was also talking about doing something with tranny - details to follow...
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