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a Sick Rio :(
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Hi all,

I am still having issues with my late built 2005 1.6lt Rio Manual. Since having the car from new, it has several times shut it self off ( while driving ) on the higway, and had a phantom eng light coming on.

I had it into Kia while the car was under warranty with no luck after them keeping the car up to a month at one stage. All but no help from the dealership.

Threw the life of the car it will every now and then when I start the car with throw an eng light on and what can only be described as a HALF MISS FIRE. It doesnt seem that the miss fire is very strong and goes away in about 20secs.

Now this has been happening for a while now and my partner being a mechanic has had a number of differnt scan tools of WHEN THE LIGHT WAS JUST THERE, to have nothing log.Kia also had this issue while the car was under warranty with nothing log ether :huh:

We have changed plugs, and they were very clean.

I want to know if anyone has ANY IDEA what else it could be or have heard of this before. It is becoming more and more frequent now :confused::confused::confused:

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