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I have an 06 Spec SX and had to remove the passenger (right) rear knuckle to repair the suspension from it's original accident (salvage car). When I went to re-install the knuckle I found the ABS sensor had gotten damaged... I ordered a replacement and when it came time to remove the old was a real bear... I ended up knocking off the sensor and then drilled through the middle of still would not come out. I tried a long socket just slightly smaller and tried to drive the old sensor out...It was really frozen in there... I ended up taking a blow torch and burning it out (burning and melting the plastic) then I sanded the inside of the metal hole to make it smooth and tapped the replacement in... Not an easy or quick job... The replacement works fine and the ABS light went out...the automatic transmission started shifting like normal...and the cruse control once again worked...
I'm just lettin you know what I went through to prepare you for possible headaches...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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