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2004 Kia Rio
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A while back my engine bit the bullet & lost,,, timing sliped & sent valves to an early grave! Well my dealership didn't know what to say, noting they servesed the car 2 days befor! :p Anyway I got it back the other day & they said they ended up putting a whole new "full"engine in! :haha: :460: :haha: The only thing that they saved from the old motor was that stupid plastic engin cover TB & manafold but everything else was brand spany new! They said that everything was toasted beyond :puzzled:

Only 2 things that need to be lloked at now is that it seems a o2 censer may need to be chnged(threw a cel) & the low end seems to be a little week,,,not a lot & you can hardly tell. But on the other hand, high end is really strong,,,surprisingly strong at that :grin:

Nice to be 1 of the few Tuner's & now 1 with 05 engine under the hood :lol: I know there is no difference in them but just nice to say :thumbsup:
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