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2004 kia oltima
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Just got a 2004 Optima 2.4 auto with 140000 on it. The car had a bad timing belt and was sitting for 6mo or so. I got a Ebay head off of a 2002 2.4 sonata had the same part #s. New belts and head gaskets set. So the car is all back together and it will just not run right. So this is what i have done..
1. ran compression test all about 140 ish
2. swop coil pack (did not help so put old back on)
3. new plugs
4. fuel reg. and clean injectors.
5. ck timing like 10 times
6. removed cats
7. clean ICV
8. ran obdII codes (no codes)
9. put old cams and lifters from 1st head in.
( lifters look dif. from the 2 heads cams look the same?)
So car will start and run but not well backfires and will make the cat red. car will not over heat. In park on the gas runs better. In gear has no power. But still no lights or code. ????HELP??? was to be car for wife. Thanks
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