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Hi all i'm having some grief with refitting my uncles gearbox after replacing the clutch on his 04 plate kia carens 2.0 crdi.

Has anyone already done one of these? had problems removing it as i've never come across that kind of clutch design before where the clutch release fork has to be pulled up to make it let go of the release bearing.

pretty much it's a bloody heavy box and even with two of us and a jack we can't get it to go back on and i'm wary of damaging the new clutch and release bearing assy. any suggestions short of an engine hoist and straps? would you recommend removing the subframe as it does add to the awkwardness of refitting it. meaning we have to angle the gearbox to get the diff into place before turning it and trying to line it up with the clutch + mounting bolts.

also as far as getting the clutch release fork to relocate in the new release bearing how do you go about it seeing as theres no way of seeing whats going on in there once it's on?

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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