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2004 kia amanti
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Hi all, new member but we've had this car since 2017, it's the DD.
It's an '04 Amanti with 68k miles. Up until the current problem the car has been running amazing.
Yesterday, i was at a red light when it bogged down making a slapping sound when in neutral high idle (1700 or so). Throttle response is almost non existent. If you floor the pedal it seemingly does nothing but if you leave it floored the rpm's will gradually creep up to around 3k rpm. If you press the brake pedal the engine will make an odd "slap-slap" kind of noise (it was coming from limp home valve replaced and same issue still)
and the engine idles down to 600rpm and almost dies but then recovers to the high idle/rough run condition. Putting the trans in gear makes no apparent difference.
It also has the Check light on.
My understanding of the codes is as follows.
P1178- ETS relay malfunction
(New relay already in )
P1118- throttle actuator control motor circuit range performance.
(New ets motor in aswell)

I have read on one of the many internet answer sites that the codes are related to the Electronic Throttle Control System and that I should look at the Throttle Body, the Throttle Blade and the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) but nothing really definitive.
I need wiring harness diagram( etc system) with specs on what ohm or volt I'm looking for in the wire if anyone can help please help a young mechanic out
Thanks smokentires
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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