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Hey guys, I am selling leftover parts that I have from a totalled 05 Rio, and a few 02-04 Spectra parts that came with a Rio that I bought. I am in central VA and would prefer pick up but I will ship if you want to pay for it. If you are possibly interested in buying everything I have I will give you a really good deal but you would need to pick it up. To get me quicker just email me at [email protected]

05 Rio manual transmission with about 100k miles. $200 ... /DSC_0896_zpsb8747b53.jpg

05 Rio gauge cluster. $25 ... /DSC_0908_zps2202187e.jpg

05 Rio manual ecu. $60 ... /DSC_0909_zps1a4d69c5.jpg

05 Rio stock tail lights. $20 each ... /DSC_0910_zpsbd51f815.jpg

05 Rio side view mirrors. $20 each ... /DSC_0911_zps0a162467.jpg

05 Rio alternator. $25 ... /DSC_0912_zpsf83d4d3b.jpg

05 Rio clock. $10 ... /DSC_0914_zpsd9271526.jpg

05 Rio coil packs. $20 each per set ... /DSC_0916_zps4fb5f6ac.jpg

05 Rio wiper motor. $10 ... /DSC_0917_zps015ea562.jpg

05 Rio master cylinder. $10 ... /DSC_0918_zpse630b36c.jpg

05 Rio gold gas door. $10 ... /DSC_0919_zpse2626db9.jpg

05 Rio intake manifolds with throttle body and fuel rail with injectors. $35 each. ... /DSC_0920_zpsbe37daab.jpg

Not sure on these other than it either fits a Rio or Spectra. The model numbers are: ks2aa-01 and hhxcb-02. $20 each ... /DSC_0920_zpsbe37daab.jpg

05 Rio, airbag module. The bags did not blow on the car I bought. $10 ... /DSC_0922_zps95048b3c.jpg

05 Rio, driverside tan air bag. $40 ... /DSC_0923_zps3a45a038.jpg

05 Rio, starter. $25 ... /DSC_0924_zpsee5381a1.jpg

Power steering pumps. Don't know which car they are from but the numbers on the back are: 4217-1 and 2218-2. $20 each ... /DSC_0925_zpsa49b64a2.jpg

05 Rio MAF, and 02-04 (1.8 engine) Spectra MAF (The Spectra MAF is the larger of the two). $30 each ... /DSC_0926_zps716d6898.jpg

Please let me know if you have any questions. I would love to sell everything together if anyone is interested let me know. I would sell everything together for $350 which is less than half price. Thanks.
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